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Cheewoo Engineering

Country: Korea (Rep) - City: Pusan
Web Site: Web site

Cheewoo Engineering products:
 D nesting dimensional nesting bar nesting D optimization D part nesting cutting plan
Cheewoo Nest 1D 2.4.2004.1037 (Cheewoo Nest 1D download)

1-dimensional (bar, rod etc.) part nesting program to minimize remanent and maximize packing rate for saving stock material. Supporting 4 types of nesting method options and stock priority use selection for optimal packing result.
See also:1D nesting software, 1 dimensional nesting software, bar nesting software, 1D optimization software, 1D part nesting software, cutting plan software,

CNC CNC Controller D Surface Inspection Axis CNC
Cheewoo Surface CNC 2.1.1002.1005 (Cheewoo Surface CNC download)

Making 5 Axis CNC controller by combining this software, PC and TURBO PMAC CLIPPER controller. The CNC made by Cheewoo Surface CNC is perfectly working with Cheewoo Surface CAM program.
See also:CNC Controller software, 3D Surface Inspection software, 5 Axis CNC software,

CNC Pipe Cutting Plate Cutting CNC Controller
Cheewoo Multi CNC 2.3.1002.1008 (Cheewoo Multi CNC download)

Making 2-Axis CNC controller by combining this software, PC and TURBO PMAC CLIPPER controller. The CNC made by Cheewoo Multi CNC is perfectly working with Cheewoo Multi CAM program. The CNC made by Cheewoo Multi CNC fully support position, velocity.
See also:Pipe Cutting software, Plate Cutting software, CNC Controller software,

CAM CNC CAD Pipe Cutting Plate Cutting NC G Code CNC Pipe Cutting CAM CAM Software
Cheewoo Multi CAM 2.3.1002.1007 (Cheewoo Multi CAM download)

All-in-one CAM for CNC pipe cutting + sheet cutting machine. Contains various pipe cut model and sheet cut model templates for easy and fast geometrical input process. Supporting essential NC parameter setting for matching CNC controller.
See also:Pipe Cutting software, Plate Cutting software, G Code software, CNC Pipe Cutting CAM software, CAM Software software,

Pipe CNC Cutting Simulation G Code CAM CNC
Cheewoo Pipe Simulator 2.2.1003.1007 (Cheewoo Pipe Simulator download)

Simulating and displaying CNC cutting path movement for checking it before real CNC cutting started. Supporting zoom-in, zoom-out, zoom-extent, rotation and NC block progress speed adjustment.
See also:Pipe CNC Cutting software, Simulation software, G Code software,

vectorize vectorizing vectorizer raster to vector convert image processing vector processing vector smoothing vector simplify DXF DWG HPGL SVG EMF WMF converter
Cheewoo Shape Tracer 2.8.1002.1007 (Cheewoo Shape Tracer download)

Converting raster image data file of a part / pattern into a vector shape file without manual digitizing. BMP,CUR,DIB,EMF,GIF,ICO,J2K,JP2,JPG,PBM,PCX,PGM,PPN,PNG,PSD,RLE,TIF,TGA,WBMP,WMF raster input. DXF,DWG,HPGL,SVG,EMF,WMF,BMP file output.
See also:vectorize software, vectorizing software, vectorizer software, raster to vector convert software, image processing software, vector processing software,

Image Image Stitch Join Image
Cheewoo Image Stitch 2.1.1002.1005 (Cheewoo Image Stitch download)

Stitching two different pattern images with no image resizing and rotating operation. Automatically adjusting size and rotation direction to make a seamless picture if user set same reference points.
See also:Image software, Image Stitch software, Join Image software,

CNC Part Program CNC CAM NC Plasma Cutting Laser Cutting Knife Cutting Lead In Lead Out Automatic CNC Code Generation CAD DXF
Cheewoo Part CAM 2.3.1002.1008 (Cheewoo Part CAM download)

Converting single 2D part shape defined DXF file into single CNC part program code for 2 axis CNC cutting machine. Automatically generate round shape lead in / lead out in a optimal position. User can set G code, M code, argument code value.
See also:CNC Part Program software, Plasma Cutting software, Laser Cutting software, Knife Cutting software, Lead In software, Lead Out software,

Pipe CNC Profile Cutting CAM Pipe Profile Cutting CNC CAM Software D D Pipe Cutting Pipe Coaster CAM Software G Code G Code Generation
Cheewoo Pipe CAM 2.4.1004.1006 (Cheewoo Pipe CAM download)

Generate NC code for CNC pipe profile cutting machine using 3D templates and simple parameter inputs. Complex 3D cutting path can be built adding various 3D cut models and checked in path window.
See also:Pipe CNC Profile Cutting CAM software, Pipe software, Profile software, Cutting software, Software software, 3D Pipe Cutting software,

Pipe Bevel Cutting CNC CAM Bevel Pipe CAM Software
Cheewoo Bevel CAM 2.2.1002.1008 (Cheewoo Bevel CAM download)

Generating optimal NC code for CNC pipe beveling machine with easy and convenient manner. Contains 4 types of pre-defined bevel shape template for easy and fast parameter input process. Requires Windows 2000 or above, RAM512 MB,10MB HDD or above.
See also:Pipe Bevel Cutting software, Bevel software, Pipe software, CAM Software software,

Build Table Convert CAD Text to Table DXF Text DWG Text BOM CSV Table XLS Table Text Table
Cheewoo VaryTable 2.4.1002.1005 (Cheewoo VaryTable download)

Converting text table in the DXF, DWG drawing to cell type CSV, XLS file. Supporting text table converting method options for best converting result. Reading DXF, DWG file directly without external program and save result as a cell type CSV XLS file.
See also:Build Table software, Convert CAD Text to Table software, DXF Text software, DWG Text software, CSV Table software, XLS Table software,

Pipe Pipe Cutting Pipe Cutting Template Template Pipe Joint Pipe Cutting Path Pipe Cutting Pattern
Cheewoo Pipe Template 2.4.1002.1008 (Cheewoo Pipe Template download)

Generate pipe cutting template pattern for manual 3D pipe profile cutting job. Complex template can be generated by using simple parametric input method.
See also:Pipe software, Pipe Cutting software, Pipe Cutting Template software, Template software, Pipe Joint software, Pipe Cutting Path software,

CAD DXF DWG Split Print Program Software
Cheewoo Split Print 2.1.1002.1008 (Cheewoo Split Print download)

Supporting to make a full size big drawing by joining the multiple small size printed papers. Providing scale ratio adjustment setting. Providing preview of the each divided pages and boundary guide line feature.
See also:Split software, Print software, Program software, Software software,

Generate NC Axis CNC Generate Surface Make Path Point to Surface Inspection Machine CNC Machine
Cheewoo Surface CAM 2.0.1005.1004 (Cheewoo Surface CAM download)

Generating NC code of the probe/tool path covering the free shape surface for 5-Axis CNC inspector/machine. Generating 3D free surface automatically by using reference point data. Contains section view feature to check 3D surface acceptability.
See also:Generate NC software, 5 Axis CNC software, Generate Surface software, Make Path software, Point to Surface software, Inspection Machine software,

text array drawing CAD DWG DXF DGN EMF WMF text convert spread sheet cell table Excel XLS CSV converter
VaryTable 2.1.0005 (VaryTable download)

VaryTable converts any selected text array on a CAD file (DXF, DWG, DGN, EMF, WMF) into spread sheet (XLS) cell table. This program is a handy productivity tool if you need to extract table data from drawings frequently.
See also:text array software, drawing software, text software, convert software, spread sheet software, cell software,

CNC NC File G Code Simulation
Cheewoo Part Simulator 2.1.1002.1009 (Cheewoo Part Simulator download)

Simulating and displaying CNC cutting path movement for checking it before real CNC cutting started. Supporting zoom-in, zoom-out, zoom-extent and NC block progress speed adjustment. Able to pause at any moment during simulation.
See also:NC File software, G Code software, Simulation software,

Nest D Nesting Optimizing Cutting Plan D Nesting Plate Sheet Cutting Packing Part Nesting Estimation
Cheewoo Nest 2D 2.5.1009.1053 (Cheewoo Nest 2D download)

Performing 2D automatic true shape part nesting using advanced nesting engine. Several levels of packing rate can be selectable. Able to gain maximum stock saving and high speed estimation for daily nesting jobs.
See also:Nest 2D software, Nesting software, Optimizing software, Cutting Plan software, 2D Nesting software, Plate software,


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