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Hillstone Software Staff Manager HsCipherSDK Encryption Library HS POP3 Library VoiceCom HS SMTP StockWize HS FTP Library HsVoipSDK HS Task Planner HS NTP C Source Library Invoice Manager
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Hillstone Software

Country: Ireland - City: Dublin
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Hillstone Software products:
staff management employee employees database software store find retrieve holidays tracking company phone list teams departments job titles human resources
Staff Manager 2.1 (Staff Manager download)

Staff Manager is database software that enables enterprise user to more efficiently store, categorize, find and retrieve employee information.
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Encryption Library Encryption Component Encryption library c Encryption Library C embedded c encryption library AES DES Triple DES des ARC CAST Cast Blowfish Twofish MD SHA SHA SHA Whirlpool FIPS FIPS FIPS RFC
HsCipherSDK Encryption Library 2.2 (HsCipherSDK Encryption Library download)

HsCipherSDK is an Encryption Library, an API of symmetric cryptographic algorithms and digital signing functions. The library includes block and stream cipher modules: AES, 3DES, ARC4, CAST-128, Blowfish,Twofish, MD5, SHA-1,SHA256,SHA-512,Whirlpool
See also:Encryption Library software, Encryption Component software, Encryption library c software, Encryption Library C software, embedded c encryption library software, Triple DES software,

POP Library POP C Library POP C POP C RFC Email Client pop source code pop client source code pop client c email c email source code POP S library pop component pop s compoment secure pop library
HS POP3 Library 2.0.5 (HS POP3 Library download)

HS POP3 is a software library in C (supplied with full source code) which implements the client side of Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3) over TCP socket layer according to RFC 1939. supports secure POP3 over TLS / SSL POP3S and RFC 2595
See also:POP3 Library software, POP3 C Library software, POP3 C software, POP3 C software, RFC 1939 software, Email Client software,

Voice intercom voice communication software intercom push to talk voice terminal voice transmission house voice intercom house intercom intercom
VoiceCom 2.0 (VoiceCom download)

VoiceCom is a Software Intercom PC application for push to talk voice communication. VoiceCom is designed for voice communication between up to six PC VoiceCom applications (terminals) on local LAN.
See also:Voice intercom software, voice communication software, software intercom software, push to talk software, voice terminal software, voice transmission software,

SMTP secure smtp smtp over tls smtp ssl RFC EMAIL MIME base smtp library smtp c smtp c smtp c library smtp component smtp linux
HS SMTP 2.0.14 (HS SMTP download)

HS SMTP is a software library in C (supplied with full source code) which implements the client side of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) over TCP socket layer according to RFC 821. Supports transfer of text and file attachments. Supports SMTP TLS
See also:SMTP software, secure smtp software, smtp over tls software, smtp ssl software, RFC821 software, EMAIL software,

Stock Market Trading Charting Portfolio management stock quotes software stock market software stock ticker software
StockWize 1.2 (StockWize download)

StockWize is an easy to use stock market monitoring software for Windows. StockWize allows to quickly view near real time stock quotes from stock exchanges in an easy format, manage the monitored market stocks list, view historical market data
See also:Stock Market software, Trading software, Charting software, Portfolio management software, stock quotes software software, stock market software software,

FTP RFC TCP FTP Client Winsock Protocol Module C Source Module Protocol Library C Source Library File Transfer Protocol FTP source
HS FTP Library 1.3.9 (HS FTP Library download)

HS FTP is a C/C++ library which implements the client side of the File Transfer Protocol over TCP socket layer according to RFC 959
See also:RFC959 software, FTP Client software, Winsock software, Protocol Module software, C Source Module software, Protocol Library software,

voip sdk voip c voip c voip library c voip library c audio library audio sdk audio c audio c c audio lib c audio c audio lib audio c c sound library c sound c sound library sound library rtp library rtp protocol c rtp protocol c
HsVoipSDK 1.4 (HsVoipSDK download)

HsVoipSDK is an audio streaming / voice over IP SDK in C / C++. HsVoipSDK is shipped with full C source code and includes the Audio library, RTP protocol library and Socket interface library for Windows.
See also:voip sdk software, voip c software, voip c software, voip library c software, voip library c software, audio library software,

planner task planning task planning software task planner software project planner project management software task list software task list programs PIM
HS Task Planner 2.5 (HS Task Planner download)

HS Task Planner - project management and task list software. It allows users to create, delete, edit and organize tasks in a tree-like hierarchical structure. Hs Task Planner offers some of the basic features found in expensive project software.
See also:planner software, task planning software, task planning software software, task planner software software, project planner software, project management software software,

NTP RFC Network Time Protocol ntp source code ntp c ntp c ntp library ntp ntp client c ntp client source sntp source code sntp c sntp library sntp component sntp c c ntp mac os x ntp linux ntp wince
HS NTP C Source Library 1.10 (HS NTP C Source Library download)

HS NTP is a software library in C (supplied with full source code) implements the client side of Network Time Protocol (NTP) over UDP socket layer according to RFC1769 and RFC1305. HS NTP Library allows to synchronise system time to NTP server time
See also:RFC 1769 software, Network Time Protocol software, ntp source code software, ntp c software, ntp c software, ntp library software,

invoice invoicing billing invoice maker invoice software invoice program billing software billing program accounts software accounts program accounting program accounting software book keeping suppliers stock control
Invoice Manager 2.1.32 (Invoice Manager download)

Invoice Manager - Invoicing Software for Small and Medium Business. Print quotations, invoices, credit notes, delivery notes, customer, product and service database, supports barcode reader, email, PDF, letters, labels, reports.
See also:invoice software, invoicing software, billing software, invoice maker software, invoice software software, invoice program software,


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