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MiRaGe Audio Visual Media CLOX WebMaster - Desktop CLOX 2000 Echoview Pro Pixel Grease - Easy Image Editor Oracle of the Runes CLOX CLOX WebMaster ASC
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MiRaGe Audio Visual Media

Country: Spain - City: Los Alcazares
Web Site: Web site

MiRaGe Audio Visual Media products:
clocks internet time timezones zones analog digital no java javascript HTML authoring web page site web local international
CLOX WebMaster - Desktop 1.1 (CLOX WebMaster - Desktop download)

CLOX WebMaster puts neat analogue or digital clocks on your web site. Shows the time in your choice of different timezones. Blends perfectly with any web page. Version 1.1 is the Windows version. An active server pages version is also available.
See also:clocks software, internet software, time software, timezones software, zones software, analog software,

clock clocks time timezone world stopwatch countdown calendar daylight DST map time zone analog analogue digital internet time metric time decimal synchronize synchronise synchronizer synchroniser adjust automatic NTP alarm
CLOX 2000 7.1 (CLOX 2000 download)

A superb suite of analog and digital clocks and other timekeeping tools. Featuring timezone clocks, internet time synchronization, alarm, calendar, daylight map and other accessories including stopwatches, countdowns and more.
See also:clock software, clocks software, time software, timezone software, world software, stopwatch software,

audio calculator sample time chord guitar keyboard MIDI song compose delay stopwatch studio tools tap tempo grid chord cue
Echoview Pro 6.0 (Echoview Pro download)

An integrated suite of powerful, interactive music calculating tools for musicians, sound engineers and producers. With Echoview Pro you can calculate beat times, perform sample calculations, tap tempo, tuner, MIDI chord analysis, metronome and more.
See also:audio software, calculator software, sample software, time software, chord software, guitar software,

image resize compress reduce thumbnail convert edit size sharpen optimize web quick trim generate grab screen shot capture editor graphic pixelgrease net free rescale crop resample jpeg jpg gif png ico icon photo net optimise easy html
Pixel Grease - Easy Image Editor 2.0 (Pixel Grease - Easy Image Editor download)

Optimizes images and makes copies with different sizes, formats and compression with one click. Auto crop and rescale images to fit specific sizes. Sharpen, trim and colour balance images. Make thumbnails, capture screenshots and generate HTML.
See also:image software, resize software, compress software, reduce software, thumbnail software, convert software,

runes oracle cast rune stones stoes runic futhark divination insight
Oracle of the Runes 4.0 (Oracle of the Runes download)

Based on the art of rune stone casting using the symbols of an ancient Norse alphabet, Oracle of the Runes can be seen as just a bit of fun... Or does it work by divine intervention? Whatever you believe, it can help you gain valuable insights.
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time clocks timezone time zones world time international clox clox world clock daylight DST saving calendar desktop mobile DST GMT UTC analog analogue
CLOX 8.01 (CLOX download)

CLOX 8 is an easy to use app with clocks showing the time in user-selected timezones. Up to ten analog and digital clocks show your chosen time zones, plus features include a daylight map, calendar, news feed, tz lookup and customizable interface.
See also:time software, clocks software, timezone software, time zones software, world time software, international software,

CLOX WebMaster ASC 2.0 (CLOX WebMaster ASC download)

Puts animated analog or digital clocks on your web site. Can be easily customised to show the time in your choice of timezone locations. Designed for Microsoft Web Servers and for maximum browser compatiblity unavailable with client side scripts.
See also:


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