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More info about ReadWrite Hiragana Home_and_Education Language ? Click here...

More info about Declan
Declan's Japanese FlashCards is a fully configurable audio-based Japanese vocabulary flash-card program. The program has been designed to help students quickly learn a large number of Japanese words in a systematic but fun and simply way.
[ Download Declan's Japanese FlashCards - Get Declan's Japanese FlashCards now - More info about Declan's Japanese FlashCards ]

More info about Declan
Declan's Japanese Dictionary is a fully searchable 20,000 word Japanese-English dictionary. The program includes a feature that allows custom word lists to be exported to Declan's Japanese FlashCards XFL and integration with the windows clipboard.
[ Download Declan's Japanese Dictionary - Get Declan's Japanese Dictionary now - More info about Declan's Japanese Dictionary ]

doGEnglish 1.0 - Dec 5, 2005
More info about doGEnglish Home_and_Education Language ? Click here...

Word Sorter 1 - Jun 18, 2006
More info about Word Sorter Home_and_Education Language ? Click here...
Choose any size text file, and get a list of each case of every word used in the text. You can choose to get the list alphabetically, or by frequency of how many times each word is used in the text.
[ Download Word Sorter - Get Word Sorter now - More info about Word Sorter ]

More info about WordBanker Multilanguage - English Home_and_Education Language ? Click here...

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Vocaboly 2.01 - Mar 6, 2004
More info about Vocaboly Home_and_Education Language ? Click here...
Vocaboly is a learning software for English vocabulary, especially for TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT test takers, through many learning methods, including test and game, memorizing will be much easier and more efficient, above all it's fun.
[ Download Vocaboly - Get Vocaboly now - More info about Vocaboly ]

More info about Virtual Teacher Screensaver Home_and_Education Language ? Click here...

More info about STGuru Standard Edition Home_and_Education Language ? Click here...
STGuru provides full series of professional-quality conversions for edit areas/clipboard/files/web pages/directories/sites between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. GBK, Big5, UTF-8, Unicode, Unicode BE and MS Office are supported.
[ Download STGuru Standard Edition - Get STGuru Standard Edition now - More info about STGuru Standard Edition ]

ReadWrite Russian 1.0 - Oct 4, 2004
More info about ReadWrite Russian Home_and_Education Language ? Click here...
ReadWrite Russian teaches the Russian alphabet. Lessons include a structured introduction to each letter with over 200 audio examples of their pronunciation.
[ Download ReadWrite Russian - Get ReadWrite Russian now - More info about ReadWrite Russian ]

ReadWrite Arabic 1.0 - Oct 4, 2004
More info about ReadWrite Arabic Home_and_Education Language ? Click here...
ReadWrite Arabic introduces the standard Arabic alphabet-writing system. In fifteen lessons each of the core 28 Arabic consonants are introduced including a number of examples of each, all with audio recordings of their pronunciations.
[ Download ReadWrite Arabic - Get ReadWrite Arabic now - More info about ReadWrite Arabic ]

MultiTranse 6.4.1 - Jul 7, 2011
More info about MultiTranse Home_and_Education Language ? Click here...
MultiTranse is a software that employs free online resources to translate to/from 22 different languages. The program, which is 100% Unicode compatible, can translate specific words, sentences or even small texts, up to 6000 symbols at a time.
See also: translation tool, translator tool, English tool, Chinese tool, Dutch tool, French tool, German tool, Spanish tool, Italian tool, ...
[ Download MultiTranse - Get MultiTranse now - More info about MultiTranse ]

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