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3D Fish School Screensaver Watch as fish schools swim within saltwater and freshwater 3D Aquariums. good

Watch as fish schools swim within saltwater and freshwater 3D Aquariums. good
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O in short: your computer desktop into incredible virtual Aquariums. Watch as schools of fish swim among bubbles within beautiful underwater backgrounds. Choose from saltwater or freshwater fish tanks and enjoy ubest

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3D Fish School Screensaver 4.992
Watch as fish schools swim within saltwater and freshwater 3D Aquariums. good Screen Shot
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3D Fish School Screensaver features schools of up to 100 marine or freshwater fish swimming among bubbles within an animated underwater backgrouns. The screensaver allows you to choose from saltwater or freshwater virtual aquarium or you can turn it into a sea bottom enjoying very soothing underwater effects and sounds. The screen saver comes with controls that allow you to set the quantity of fish or bubbles as fish swim their way around. If you have multi-monitors or a widescreen TV, you can enjoy a huge fish tank by using the multi-monitors settings of the screen saver. You can view the time by using the screensaver's digital 24/12 hour clock and calendar. Owners of old computers and laptops can use the advanced options to run the screen saver under their system with maximum speed and quality. The screen saver does not include any third party software, spyware, adware or viruses.

best Enjoy saltwater and freshwater 3D Aquariums.
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Type: Shareware
File size: 3652 Kb
Date: 2/7/2013
Install support: Install and Uninstall
OS: Win2000, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win98, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP
System requirements: Pentium 300,RAM: 32,OpenGL
Language: English
Recent changes in this Major Update:
Version 4.992 adds new icon for desktop.


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Watch as fish schools swim within saltwater and freshwater 3D Aquariums. good
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