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Dynamic TWAIN 5.2 - Jan 6, 2012
More info about Dynamic TWAIN Software_Development ActiveX ? Click here...
Dynamic TWAIN is an .NET/ActiveX control that can acquire images from any TWAIN compliant devices such as scanners or cameras. BMP, JPEG, PNG and single page/multi-page TIFF supported.
See also: ActiveX tool, Twain SDK tool, scanner ActiveX tool, Web TWAIN tool, Web scanner tool, TWAIN ActiveX tool, ...
[ Download Dynamic TWAIN - Get Dynamic TWAIN now - More info about Dynamic TWAIN ]

More info about Drawing Board ActiveX Control Software_Development ActiveX ? Click here...
Drawing Board ActiveX Control acts as a drawing board for creating online drawing programs rapidly. The OCX is lightweight and flexible, and gives developers new possibilities for drawing flowcharts, organizational charts, workflow, network diagrams.
[ Download Drawing Board ActiveX Control - Get Drawing Board ActiveX Control now - More info about Drawing Board ActiveX Control ]

More info about DoneEx AppBinder ActiveX Software_Development ActiveX ? Click here...
This ActiveX library allows you to organize data exchange between any programs which use the standard input/output streams. You can start any DOS or Win32 Console program and use its standard input/output streams data in your application.
[ Download DoneEx AppBinder ActiveX - Get DoneEx AppBinder ActiveX now - More info about DoneEx AppBinder ActiveX ]

DllRegSvr 1.1 - Aug 1, 2003
More info about DllRegSvr Software_Development ActiveX ? Click here...
This is a simple tool for registering ActiveX dll and ocx controls. It uses a Windows interface so it is quicker and easier than working at the command prompt.
[ Download DllRegSvr - Get DllRegSvr now - More info about DllRegSvr ]

DayView OCX 1H - Oct 9, 2007
More info about DayView OCX Software_Development ActiveX ? Click here...

More info about Data Acquisition Component TConnector Software_Development ActiveX ? Click here...

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More info about DWG to PDF convert ActiveX Software_Development ActiveX ? Click here...

DBPix - May 24, 2004
More info about DBPix Software_Development ActiveX ? Click here...
DBPix is an Image Control for easily adding imaging capabilities to database and data-driven apps. Features asynchronous decoding, lossless JPEG rotation, resample and thumbnail, EXIF info, TWAIN support and more. Ideal for MS Access, IE, VB etc.
[ Download DBPix - Get DBPix now - More info about DBPix ]

More info about DBACentral for MySQL Software_Development ActiveX ? Click here...

Cryptocx v5 5.1.6 - May 5, 2004
More info about Cryptocx v5 Software_Development ActiveX ? Click here...
Cryptocx is a PGP and AES compatible encryption component designed for use in any modern development environment. Cryptocx encrypts and decrypts data using standards compliant algorithms to make sure that your data is completely secured.
[ Download Cryptocx v5 - Get Cryptocx v5 now - More info about Cryptocx v5 ]

ClipManagerX 2.1 - Apr 27, 2005
More info about ClipManagerX Software_Development ActiveX ? Click here...
ActiveX control that collects data from the Windows Clipboard and makes the data available to your application. It will retain data copied to the clipboard from any application and can be configured to collect only selected data types.
[ Download ClipManagerX - Get ClipManagerX now - More info about ClipManagerX ]

More info about Clever Internet .NET Suite Software_Development ActiveX ? Click here...
The Clever Internet .NET Suite v 4.0 allows you to combine / parse email messages with both text and html contents, file and images attachments, compose HTTP requests in both design-time and run-time modes and parse HTML tags.
[ Download Clever Internet .NET Suite - Get Clever Internet .NET Suite now - More info about Clever Internet .NET Suite ]

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