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Featured: Backup Premium

Backup Premium
Backup Premium is a powerful tool for automatic and secure backup of valuable data. The program supports backup on local or network drives, FTP servers with SSL/TLS extension, and SFTP.

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Backup Manager 1.1 - Jun 21, 2011
More info about Backup Manager Utilities_and_Hardware Backup ? Click here...
Backup Manager is a software application designed to backing up and restoring your files, folders, e-mail databases, address books, system drivers, etc.
[ Download Backup Manager - Get Backup Manager now - More info about Backup Manager ]

Backup Manager 2.5 - May 5, 2003
More info about Backup Manager Utilities_and_Hardware Backup ? Click here...
Backup Manager offers a 2 Week Free Trial of its automated, encrypted, offsite data backup service. Download the software and upload your data in minutes. Full customer support online or toll-free telephone. Eliminates unreliable CD's or tapes
[ Download Backup Manager - Get Backup Manager now - More info about Backup Manager ]

Backup Expert 2.2 - Jun 14, 2013
More info about Backup Expert Utilities_and_Hardware Backup ? Click here...
Stop taking chances with your important data! Back up your documents and settings easily and securely with Backup Expert and protect yourself against accidental data loss and hardware failures.
[ Download Backup Expert - Get Backup Expert now - More info about Backup Expert ]

Backup E-mail 1.0 - Sep 2, 2007
More info about Backup E-mail Utilities_and_Hardware Backup ? Click here...
Backup E-mail uses an easy wizard interface to backup everything from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora Pro & Light, Netscape Messenger, Netscape Mail, Opera, IncrediMail, Pegasus Mail, TheBat, and PocoMail. Just click and you're done!
See also: Backup E mail tool, E mail Backup tool, Email Backup tool, Backup Email tool, Outlook tool, Express tool, Microsoft Outlook tool, Outlook Express tool, Microsoft Outlook Express tool, ...
[ Download Backup E-mail - Get Backup E-mail now - More info about Backup E-mail ]

More info about Backup Dwarf Professional Edition Utilities_and_Hardware Backup ? Click here...
Extremely easy to use backup software with FTP support for your projects, documents, photos, music MP3 files. Daily, weekly or monthly schedules possible. Inclusive and exclusive filter options. Full or Incremental backups to network shares, FTP, NAS
[ Download Backup Dwarf Professional Edition - Get Backup Dwarf Professional Edition now - More info about Backup Dwarf Professional Edition ]

Backup Chunker 2.2 - Jul 30, 2013
More info about Backup Chunker Utilities_and_Hardware Backup ? Click here...
A free backup/synchronization solution with unique features! Perform multiple synchronizations between computers, USB disks, MP3 players, FTP & WebDav hosts and burn CD/DVD disks. Can also backup into multiple compressed and/or encrypted zip file
See also: backup tool, restore tool, burn tool, chunks tool, synchronize tool, synchronization tool, secure tool, sftp tool, webdav tool, ...
[ Download Backup Chunker - Get Backup Chunker now - More info about Backup Chunker ]

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Backup Aider 1.1 - Dec 14, 2012
More info about Backup Aider Utilities_and_Hardware Backup ? Click here...
An easy to use Windows-based program for backing up your files. It allows you to quickly save your important data onto a hard disk or a USB drive, protecting it from being accidentally lost.
[ Download Backup Aider - Get Backup Aider now - More info about Backup Aider ]

BackupFly - Dec 18, 2015
More info about BackupFly Utilities_and_Hardware Backup ? Click here...

More info about Backup4all Professional Utilities_and_Hardware Backup ? Click here...
Highly configurable backup program with intuitive interface. Performs full, incremental, differential, mirror, and smart backups. Has file filters, scheduler, writes to CD/DVD, FTP/SFTP backup, versioning, encryption, email notification.
[ Download Backup4all Professional - Get Backup4all Professional now - More info about Backup4all Professional ]

BKFRecovery 2.0 - Aug 8, 2003
More info about BKFRecovery Utilities_and_Hardware Backup ? Click here...
BKFRecovery is a data recovery software to recover files from corrupt or damaged BKF files. These files are normally restored using NTBackup.Exe or Veritas Backup Exec.
[ Download BKFRecovery - Get BKFRecovery now - More info about BKFRecovery ]

More info about Automatic USB Backup Utilities_and_Hardware Backup ? Click here...
Automatic USB Backup runs on USB drive insert, it will save a copy of all your new or newly modified documents to USB drive automatically. Easy and fast installation process, encrypt and secure your files. Easy to retrieve backed-up files.
[ Download Automatic USB Backup - Get Automatic USB Backup now - More info about Automatic USB Backup ]

More info about Automatic File Backup Software Utilities_and_Hardware Backup ? Click here...

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