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FAQ Search Put a Frequently Asked Questions script on your site to help you manage your... great

Put a Frequently Asked Questions script on your site to help you manage your... great
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O in short: y Asked Questions script on your site to help you manage your user help assistance. This help desk will allow your users to quickly find answers to their questions. You can administrate it oeasy

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Put a Frequently Asked Questions script on your site to help you manage your... great Screen Shot
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FAQ Search allows you to place a searchable and easy-to-update Frequently Asked Questions database on your site in minutes. One script file, and a single database text file can be uploaded in a few minutes giving your users access to the most recent answers. One of the most important pages on a site is a Frequently Asked Questions page. If done well, it serves two important purposes: Users can find the answers to all of their questions in a few minutes and make their decision to purchase more quickly. You save time from answering the same questions over and over again by email. People are also less likely to become 'cold' contacts. The bonus is that it saves you time as well. Adding new questions is as easy as adding a new line to the text file. The problem we all face with these kinds of pages is keeping them up-to-date. It's a chore to determine what question is worthy of adding to the page, and then you have to build a static page, perhaps adding more HTML to an existing page to answer these questions. Many webmasters don't do anything at all. Take a look at FAQ-Search. You'll appreciate the ease with which you can interact with your Frequently Asked Questions. You'll love the time it saves you in answering email. ________________ D e t a i l s The idea is to continue to develop this so that it fully manages your support. Here's what it does now: Allows searching of database. Allows basic interaction with the database: users can ask new questions that are not in the database. Questions and answers are sorted by categories. Here's what I plan to add: Script answers support email automatically. Based on keywords in the email, users are replied-to with a selection of possible answers. New questions people ask online will be added to the database as 'pending'. You will be able to answer the question online with a web form. You can either approve the question for the FAQs or delete it.

best Put a Frequently Asked Questions script o...
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Type: Commercial
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Date: 11/10/2017
Install support: Install
OS: Unix/Linux
System requirements: Perl, Webserver
Language: EN
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Put a Frequently Asked Questions script on your site to help you manage your... great
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