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PageQ allows you to create, re-play, or email a playlist of web pages. It's easy. Use pageQ as your browser window while surfing. Capture the pages you want to keep with the camera icon. Then save the Q. The playlist is controlled with media player toolbar buttons (play, pause, rewind...). It is the ultimate web research and collaboration tool. PageQ is the wax for your internet surfboard.

(pageQ lets you capture, play and email your favorites as a slideshow of web page)pageQ is the ultimate research tool for the web. It lets you capture, replay and email a slideshow of web sites. Like sharing your bookmarks. It looks and works just like any web browser with a new player toolbar (play, pause, ff etc.) Easy!

PageQ is a new browser and media player combined… for web pages. Use pageQ as your browser window while researching the web. Capture the pages you want to keep with the camera icon. The web page playlist you create can be saved and re-played, or emailed to a friend. The slideshow is controlled with a media player toolbar (play, pause, rewind...). It is the ultimate web research and collaboration tool. PageQ enhances your web surfing experience by making it more dynamic, productive, repeatable and collaborative. It's simple and fun to use. It's pretty cool and very useful. PageQ is for web researchers, power web surfers and web designers who want to better organise their favorites, share web sites, research and generally be more productive on the net. It's also useful for businesses presenting web pages to an audience. The major functions are: 1. Favorites Manager. PageQ allows you to organize your frequently visited sites into playlists of web pages. 2. Web Page Player. Using the pageQ toolbar you can create, edit, play, save and send Qs. They are simple to build. Just drag and drop from your existing favorites or history into a Q. Or, type a url directly into the address bar or surf about and capture pages. Or capture a google search results pages and surf from there capturing the pages you want to keep. Then save the Q. The Q is your 'album' of web pages ordered into your play sequence. 3. Send to a friend. The html Q is a special combination of your playlist and the player software all rolled into one. The beauty of an html Q is that you can send it to a friend and your friend doesn't need the PageQ software to play it back! They are also tiny files, about the size of an email because they only capture the url information. The html Q launches directly in their native browser with a player toolbar! PageQ is the wax for your internet surfboard.
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