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SoftCab Inc Outlook Express Database Manager Extra Dialer Pro Modem Spy Active LogView Protoport Personal Firewall Time Sync Pro Call Display Screensaver Blog Script for PHP Stealth Storage Tiny Dialer Tiny Toolbar Sound Snooper Active Phone Server
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SoftCab Inc

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SoftCab Inc products:
outlook express database converter CHM DBX backup restore email tool utility
Outlook Express Database Manager 1.1 (Outlook Express Database Manager download)

Outlok Express Database Converter will parse the DBX files (Outlook Express database files) and save the them into CHM files (Windows-like help files). Powerful search over CHM files is available. You can use simple filtering as well.
See also:outlook software, express software, good express outlook software, database software, database express software, converter software or free converter database software,

voice modem phone dialer wav message telemarket dialer advanced autodialer
Extra Dialer Pro 3.0 (beta 4) (Extra Dialer Pro download)

The program lets you record your voice message and store it on your PC until it is transmitted. After transmitting your voice message, it can optionaly record a reply from the recipient.
See also:voice software, modem software, good modem voice software, phone software, phone modem software, dialer software or free dialer phone software,

record telephone conversations tap phonecall record phonecall save telephone call store phone conversation phone call mp save telephone call to harddisk hard copy of telephone conversation cell call record public mobile phone disk sound mp disc wave mp recorder dictaphone to harddrive hard copy call wave to phone remember telephone note taking call argument telephone converstion litigation conversation litigate conversate divorce phonecall sue telephonecall audio recording phone tap mobile telephone remember cell call note cell taking consumer calling CallCentre tapping CallCenter recording call wave centre recording center telephone
Modem Spy 3.4 (Modem Spy download)

Modem spy records all telephone calls, records from microphone, plays back recorded mesages via phone line or sound card. Has built-in software automatic gain control. Detects and logs Caller ID
See also:record telephone conversations software, tap phonecall software, record phonecall software, save telephone call software, store phone conversation software, phone call mp3 software,

Web Log View Report Unique Visitor Daily Hourly Active LogView Site Analyse Analysis server side
Active LogView 2.08 (Active LogView download)

Active LogView is a full-featured Web server log analysis program that installs directly on the server. Because the program runs on a Web server, large log files do not have to be downloaded and anyone with a browser can access reports. It can analyz
See also:View software, Report software or the report view software, Unique software or also unique report software, Visitor software and visitor unique software,

firewall security network guard police
Protoport Personal Firewall 1.5 (Protoport Personal Firewall download)

ProtoPort Personal Firewall is powerful security utility that monitors all network traffic. Network packets are passed or blocked according to rules.
See also:firewall software, security software, network software, guard software, police software,

Time Sync Synchronize Synchronization TimeSync UTC GMT NIST Atomic Clock Clock Date world zone adjust synchronize atomic convert desktop NTP
Time Sync Pro 1.2 (Time Sync Pro download)

Time Sync Pro is an application that connects to one of the many atomic clock web servers, downloads the time to your PC and adjusts it. Time Sync Pro has many features including the automatic adjustment of your computer clock.
See also:Time Sync software, Synchronize software, Synchronization software, TimeSync software, NIST software, Atomic Clock software,

call display screensaver caller ID modem
Call Display Screensaver 1.03 (Call Display Screensaver download)

Program replaces standard unuseful Windows' screensaver. When call is received, program will ring through sound card, show name and number and log a call.
See also:call software, display software, good display call software, screensaver software, screensaver display software, caller software or free caller screensaver software,

blog blogging forum discussion article phpbb movable type
Blog Script for PHP 1.2 (Blog Script for PHP download)

Easy to install blogging system for PHP and MySQL. Sinlge and multy-user modes.
See also:blog blogging forum discussion article phpbb software, movable type software,

stealth storage disk crypt file FAT NTFS hile folder program notebook protect spy hack hacker
Stealth Storage 1.2 (Stealth Storage download)

Stealth Storage is a small and powerful file encryption tool. It encrypts files on-the-fly using well-known strong ciphers like BLOWFISH, RIJNDAEL etc.
See also:stealth software, storage software or the storage stealth software, disk software or also disk storage software, crypt software and crypt disk software,

auto dialer ISP tiny dialer dialup dial up DUN network internet modem RAS service provider automatic
Tiny Dialer 1.2 (Tiny Dialer download)

Tiny dialer is handy tool that replaces regular dial-up service of Windows. Among with all standard DUN features of Windows, it has many unique options that will make your web-surfing a piece of cake.
See also:auto dialer software, tiny software, dialer dialup software, dial software, network software, internet software,

internet explorer browser tool bar toolbar addon plugin button
Tiny Toolbar 1.1.2 (Tiny Toolbar download)

Small but powerful web browser tool that appears near the address bar (The box near the top of the screen where usually type web addresses to surf the Web).
See also:internet software, explorer software, browser software, tool software, toolbar software, addon software,

sound snoop record card voice VOX WAV MP
Sound Snooper 1.3 (Sound Snooper download)

Sound Snooper features multiple sound card support, voice activated recording, stealth recording. Phone calls can be recorded, too. All possible sound formats are supported. Low system resources using.
See also:sound software, snoop software or also snoop sound software, record software and record snoop software, card software and cheap card record software,

answering machine wav internet answering machine software computer answering machine answering machine program pc answering machine phone dialer internet telemarket market ad advertisement software freeware free wav wave
Active Phone Server 9.18 (Active Phone Server download)

Answering machine plays back a greeting and records a message. Recorded messages are common wav-files. Caller ID displays caller ID information when call is received. Customizable voice/melodies for each phone number and more...
See also:answering machine wav software, internet answering machine software software, computer answering machine software, answering machine program software, pc answering machine software, phone dialer software,


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