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CAD-KAS GbR XPS Split and Merge PDF Editor Objects PDF Plotter Nesting Warehouse Inventory Paper/Picture 2 DXF Flash-Creator PDF 2 DXF PDF Reader Font 2 DXF and G-Code Options Trading Tool Geometric image warping OCR-TextScan 2 Word PDF Split and Merge
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CAD-KAS GbR products:
CAD KAS xps split merge arrange pages sort pages extract split page merge pages extract page xps file xps document xps split xps splitter xps merge xps split and merge
XPS Split and Merge 1.0 (XPS Split and Merge download)

With this program you can open existing XPS files, rearrange the pages, extract some pages, split the file into multiple files and merge xps files together. XPS is Microsofts new document exchange file format which can be created under Windows VISTA
See also:CAD KAS software, split software, merge software, arrange pages software, sort pages software, extract software,

PDF Editor CAD KAS PDF edit document Acrobat Portable Document Format files PDF files create PDFfiles PDF documents change delete hide information
PDF Editor Objects 2.6 (PDF Editor Objects download)

Edit PDF files just like a vector objects. You can select, scale, move and rotate all objects (text, pictures, lines etc.) with a few mouse clicks. With the tool "Free text edit" you can change existing text just like a text editor.
See also:PDF Editor software, CAD KAS software, edit software, document software, Acrobat software, Portable Document Format software,

pdf plotter nesting place pages nest pages pdf nesting
PDF Plotter Nesting 1.0 (PDF Plotter Nesting download)

Many cheap plotters cannot do the nesting itself. First you select the paper format. Then you can read in one or many pdf files. You can now place and position the pages of the pdf files on the selected paper format.
See also:plotter software, nesting software, place pages software, nest pages software, pdf nesting software,

warehouse inventory stock barcode quantity article product
Warehouse Inventory 3.1 (Warehouse Inventory download)

Manage your inventory with this easy to learn software. If you have an online shop for example this program helps you to keep the overview. You can use a barcode scanner to increase or decrease the quantity of an entry.
See also:warehouse software, inventory software, stock software, barcode software, quantity software, article software,

vectorize DXF CAD paper drawings scan bitmap DXF CAD application
Paper/Picture 2 DXF 2.0 (Paper/Picture 2 DXF download)

Convert CAD drawings from paper sheets or pictures into digital DXF files for editing in your CAD application. Scan a drawing or open a picture from your hard disk. The program recognizes the lines and saves the result as a DXF file.
See also:vectorize software, paper software, drawings software, scan software, bitmap software, CAD application software,

Flash Creator CAD KAS Flash SWF movies Animation movie Internet website homepage
Flash-Creator 1.0 (Flash-Creator download)

Flash Creator is a quick and refreshingly easy tool for creating animated Flash logos, banners, intros, and headers. In just a few minutes, you can blend texts, vector objects and images into an engaging animation that will make your site shine.
See also:Flash Creator software, CAD KAS software, Flash software, movies software, Animation software, movie software,

PDF DXF CAD KAS PDF DXF CAD document Acrobat Portable Document Format files PDF files create PDFfiles PDF documents AutoCAD
PDF 2 DXF 2.0 (PDF 2 DXF download)

Do you get PDF files with CAD drawings inside? Now you can extract these drawings and save it as DXF file and open it in you CAD application. PDF 2 DXF can open PDF files and save all vector objects as DXF file. Now it also converts text objects!
See also:PDF 2 DXF software, CAD KAS software, document software, Acrobat software, Portable Document Format software, files software,

PDF Reader view view pdf pdf viewer CAD KAS PDF edit document Acrobat Portable Document Format files PDF files create PDFfiles PDF documents change delete hide information
PDF Reader 2.6 (PDF Reader download)

PDF Reader is a free program to view, modify and print pdf files. It is very small, only about 2 MByte to download. You can open, view, zoom and print PDF files. You can also modify pdf files (but you can not save them in the free version).
See also:PDF Reader software, view software, view pdf software, pdf viewer software, CAD KAS software, edit software,

font dxf text text dxf font dxf engrave text g code font g code font dxf single line font mid line font font to dxf font to g code text to dxf text to g code stencil stencil font stencil letters
Font 2 DXF and G-Code 3.1 (Font 2 DXF and G-Code download)

Create a text in any installed true type font and save the result as dxf or G-Code. So you can plot the font to use it for engravings etc. You only enter the text and click on "Save as DXF file...". The text will be saved as arcs or line information.
See also:font software, text software, text 2 dxf software, font 2 dxf software, engrave software, text 2 g code software,

options stocks futures trading trader exchange
Options Trading Tool 1.0 (Options Trading Tool download)

This program helps you as options trader to optimize your strategy. You can add all the options you want to buy or sell and build your strategy. The program shows you the profit and loss graph at expiration and on the day that you select.
See also:options software, stocks software, futures software, trading software, trader software, exchange software,

image warp image deform curved form curved image transform deformation
Geometric image warping 1.0 (Geometric image warping download)

The program warps a part of an image into a given form which you have selected on another image. For example if you have a aerial image of a bridge with a curved shape and want to match its curved shape to a rectangular map with a coordinate system.
See also:image warp software, image deform software, curved form software, curved image software, transform software, deformation software,

OCR TextScan Word CAD KAS paper scan picture OCR recognize text recognization document optical character recognization
OCR-TextScan 2 Word 1.0 (OCR-TextScan 2 Word download)

Don't waste your time and retype paper text into your computer. With OCR-TextScan 2 Word you can easily scan paper documents. The program now tries to find the text information out of the scanned picture and to save it as word file or text file.
See also:OCR TextScan 2 Word software, CAD KAS software, paper software, scan software, picture software, recognize software,

PDF Split and Merge CAD KAS PDF document Acrobat Portable Document Format files PDF files add together join together melt merge add pages split extract reorder change order change page order
PDF Split and Merge 1.0 (PDF Split and Merge download)

Extract single pages or a group of pages from a pdf file. It is also possible to save every page inside a separate pdf file or to combine multiple pdf files into one big pdf file. You can change the order of the pages as you like.
See also:PDF Split and Merge software, CAD KAS software, document software, Acrobat software, Portable Document Format software, files software,


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