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PC-Telephone 6.4 - Dec 1, 2011
More info about PC-Telephone Internet_and_communication Communications ? Click here...
Make FREE pc-to-pc, cheap pc-to-phone, pc-to-fax, phone-to-pc, fax-to-pc, SIP-phone calls over Internet or ISDN/PSTN telephone networks. Use your computer as internet telephone, USB phone, SIP telephone, ISDN phone, FAX, Voicemail.
[ Download PC-Telephone - Get PC-Telephone now - More info about PC-Telephone ]

P2P VoIp 1.1 - Jun 16, 2004
More info about P2P VoIp Internet_and_communication Communications ? Click here...
The program is used for conversation in a local network. The voice packages are transmitted in a format GSM6.10. Voice packages and service information use one and the same UDP port. The program is distributed with the source code.
[ Download P2P VoIp - Get P2P VoIp now - More info about P2P VoIp ]

More info about Outlook TeamContacts Internet_and_communication Communications ? Click here...

OLfax 1.8 - Feb 4, 2010
More info about OLfax Internet_and_communication Communications ? Click here...
AVM FRITZ! plus OLfax. Email-to-Fax; Fax-to-mail Gateway for MS Office Outlook 97 to 2007. OLfax allows each individual Outlook user (PC), or any email Client in an Outlook network to send and receive faxes via Outlook.
[ Download OLfax - Get OLfax now - More info about OLfax ]

OLFolderSync 1.35 - Sep 1, 2010
More info about OLFolderSync Internet_and_communication Communications ? Click here...
OLFolderSync can synchronize any Microsoft Outlook folder with anyone else's (except for Drafts, Outbox, Sent Items and Deleted Items). Synchronization of these folders runs as a background process facilitated by OLFolderSync synchronize messages.
[ Download OLFolderSync - Get OLFolderSync now - More info about OLFolderSync ]

NotePager 32 3 - Apr 15, 2003
More info about NotePager 32 Internet_and_communication Communications ? Click here...
Send text or SMS messages to pagers and/or mobile phones with an easy to use desktop application. Messages can be sent to single or multiple devices. A built in character counter allows for message length to be monitored.
[ Download NotePager 32 - Get NotePager 32 now - More info about NotePager 32 ]

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A professional and easy to use software for creating your own Web site.

More info about North American Area Code Database (Gold Edition) Internet_and_communication Communications ? Click here...
North American area codes database one month subscription service. The database includes NPA (area code), NXX (exchange), country, state, county, latitude, longitude, LATA, timezone, day light saving, population, FIPS, MSA, PMSA, CBSA and ZIP code.
[ Download North American Area Code Database (Gold Edition) - Get North American Area Code Database (Gold Edition) now - More info about North American Area Code Database (Gold Edition) ]

Network Assistant 4.0 - May 18, 2005
More info about Network Assistant Internet_and_communication Communications ? Click here...
Real-time network communication utility for the office environment, including channels-based chat, shared whiteboard, message board and instant messaging. Does not require a dedicated server and may be used instead of WinPopup.
[ Download Network Assistant - Get Network Assistant now - More info about Network Assistant ]

More info about NetCFax networked fax system Internet_and_communication Communications ? Click here...
Fully networked fax server plus clients system that uses TCP/IP connectivity for all communication between server and clients. Clients can have access to just their own, or all faxes held on the server, depending on login rights they are assigned.
[ Download NetCFax networked fax system - Get NetCFax networked fax system now - More info about NetCFax networked fax system ]

Nerdmoticons 1.0 - Sep 12, 2007
More info about Nerdmoticons Internet_and_communication Communications ? Click here...
Add lots of cool new Emoticons to your MSN Messenger with the Nerdmoticons Emoticon set! This set contains all sort of Emotions for MSN Messenger, to use in your chat conversations, to express yourself! Try the free Nerdmoticons MSN Emotions pack
[ Download Nerdmoticons - Get Nerdmoticons now - More info about Nerdmoticons ]

More info about NCP Secure Entry Client for Win32/64 Internet_and_communication Communications ? Click here...
NCP Secure Entry Client for communication with any IPSec gateway (compatibility list at It supports all transmission networks as well as Windows operating systems (also Vista) and has an integrated Personal Firewall.
[ Download NCP Secure Entry Client for Win32/64 - Get NCP Secure Entry Client for Win32/64 now - More info about NCP Secure Entry Client for Win32/64 ]

Mypikyload 1.01 - Jun 21, 2011
More info about Mypikyload Internet_and_communication Communications ? Click here...
Mypikyload is a photo editor which will allow you to upload your favorites pictures in a fast way. This tool is done to manage easily these animations and pictures you're using on the web.
See also: upload tool, picture tool, manager tool, avi to gif tool, link extractor tool, screenshot tool, thumbnail tool, ...
[ Download Mypikyload - Get Mypikyload now - More info about Mypikyload ]

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