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QVCS 3.10.17 - Feb 12, 2008
Click here for more info about QVCS
QVCS is an affordable version control system for the Windows developer. It matches more expensive products in features useful to small development teams, and is easy to use and administer. QVCS includes an explorer style GUI and extensive help.
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RS232 Monitor 1.1 - Mar 7, 2005
Click here for more info about RS232 Monitor
Communication with peripheral devices using RS-232. Receive and transmit data through COM Port. Available data formats are: ASCII, HEX, BIN, DECIMAL and FLOAT (IEEE 754). Configure COM Port properties. Send files<a href="">.</
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ReSharper 7.1 - Feb 11, 2013
Click here for more info about ReSharper

RegexBuddy 2.2.0 - Jan 16, 2006
Click here for more info about RegexBuddy
Perfect companion for working with regular expressions. Easily create and clearly understand regex patterns. Test any regex on sample strings and files. Use the regex with automatic source code snippets. Collect regex libraries for future use.
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Replace in Files 1.01 - Nov 28, 2007
Click here for more info about Replace in Files
"Replace in Files" quickly replaces strings matching your search string with the replacement you specify. You can specify whether replaces are case sensitive or not, and whether to make backups before executing the search and replace.
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Click here for more info about Resource Tuner
View and replace icons and other resources contained within 32 bit Windows executable files with other images, texts and sounds. Translate any application, or fix and mark it as XP-enabled. Now supports large Vista icons.
[ Download Resource Tuner - Get it now - More info ]

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A professional and easy to use software for creating your own Web site.
Click here for more info about Resource Tuner Console

Restorator 2005 - May 16, 2005
Click here for more info about Restorator
A tool for translation, design improvement and development. Work with windows resources of applications and its components (PE files). Restorator allows modifying and adding images, icons, sounds, dialogs, menus, and other resources.
[ Download Restorator - Get it now - More info ]

Robosoft 3.0.514 - Sep 13, 2003
Click here for more info about Robosoft
RoboSoft is a submission utility for shareware authors. The program provides access to the on-line database of 500+ software archives templates. Using this database the program fills out submission forms automatically and tracks the results.
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Click here for more info about SQCBW Source Code Beautifier
SQCBW indents source code lines according to the structure of the program. Unique features: SQCBW supports complex expressions, conditional compilation and trailing comments. Currently available for C/C++/C# and Java/J#.
[ Download SQCBW Source Code Beautifier - Get it now - More info ]

SQLExecMS 2.2 - Nov 2, 2004
Click here for more info about SQLExecMS
Unique all-in-one interface for management, tuning up, development and data manipulation. Consolidates a lot of SQL Server admin and debug features into one program. Great tool for MSDE admins. Could be used like a substitution for EM and QA.
[ Download SQLExecMS - Get it now - More info ]

Click here for more info about SannySoft Perl Editor
Want to create CGI scripts without any coding? Need to auto-format or quickly debug your Perl scripts? Looking for customizable syntax highlighting feature? Perl Editor 2005 will do all that and much more. 5000+ Perl coders strong and growing!
[ Download SannySoft Perl Editor - Get it now - More info ]

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