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Featured: PS Hot Folders 1.1

PS Hot Folders
Tired of endless browsing though folders when accessing Open, Save As and Browse dialogs? PS Hot Folders lets you skip the browsing and access any folder(s) on your PC with one mouse click. Brainlessly easy, unbelievably convenient, absurdly cheap.

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ProcTune Pro - Mar 19, 2008
More info about ProcTune Pro Utilities_and_Hardware Launchers ? Click here...
ProcTune - An innovation in development of high-efficiency desktop and server computing systems. Having installed this system utility on a desktop computer or server, the productivity of your software will increase with many percents, avoiding extra
See also: Process tool, memory tool, optimization tool, system tool, utility tool, ...
[ Download ProcTune Pro - Get ProcTune Pro now - More info about ProcTune Pro ]

More info about eXtended Task Manager Utilities_and_Hardware Launchers ? Click here...
The Warecase eXtended Task Manager (XTM) is an extended windows task manager and performance monitoring tool designed for simplifying the environment of the software developer.
[ Download eXtended Task Manager - Get eXtended Task Manager now - More info about eXtended Task Manager ]

Tray Commander 2.2 - Jan 15, 2004
More info about Tray Commander Utilities_and_Hardware Launchers ? Click here...
Tray Commander is a launcher that was developed to let you quickly run your frequently used system commands directly from the system tray. It can open\close your CD drives, reboot, shutdown your system, run applications and many others.
[ Download Tray Commander - Get Tray Commander now - More info about Tray Commander ]

QuickLaunch 1.6 - Dec 4, 2003
More info about QuickLaunch Utilities_and_Hardware Launchers ? Click here...

PS Hot Folders 2.2 - May 6, 2007
More info about PS Hot Folders Utilities_and_Hardware Launchers ? Click here...
Using PS Hot Folders special easily configured menu, you can quickly go to the folder that you want in standard Open, Save As and Browse dialogs. This menu can be called by clicking the special button in the dialog caption. The hot keys are supported
See also: folder tool, open tool, save tool, dialogs tool, windows tool, explorer tool, shortcut tool, hotkeys tool, shell tool, ...
[ Download PS Hot Folders - Get PS Hot Folders now - More info about PS Hot Folders ]

NitroBOOT 3.10 - Nov 12, 2006
More info about NitroBOOT Utilities_and_Hardware Launchers ? Click here...
Manage your Windows startup and make your computer faster with this amazing tool. NitroBOOT is simple and intuitive, yet surprisingly powerful. You can disable programs from starting with Windows, delay their start, or confirm their start. Easy!
[ Download NitroBOOT - Get NitroBOOT now - More info about NitroBOOT ]

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MaxMonkey 2.23 - Mar 6, 2004
More info about MaxMonkey Utilities_and_Hardware Launchers ? Click here...
Maximonk your windows with the MaxMonkey multiple window management tool. Automatically maximize, minimize or restore multiple windows with one easy mouse click. Target all windows or only specific windows. Runs in the system tray
[ Download MaxMonkey - Get MaxMonkey now - More info about MaxMonkey ]

More info about LaunchIt NOW! Plus Utilities_and_Hardware Launchers ? Click here...
A shortcut launcher and organizer that will be a huge time saver when using your computer. It removes your desktop clutter and speeds up your daily and repetitive tasks. It will definitely help you improve your organization and productivity.
[ Download LaunchIt NOW! Plus - Get LaunchIt NOW! Plus now - More info about LaunchIt NOW! Plus ]

Launch-n-Go 2.5 - Jun 7, 2007
More info about Launch-n-Go Utilities_and_Hardware Launchers ? Click here...
A program launcher, text inserter, shortcut creator & desktop toolbar - all in one! Insert text or expand abbreviations instantly in any Windows application. Open any files, programs or websites with hotkeys, or search the Internet.
See also: Keyboard macro tool, keyboard shortcut tool, hotkeys tool, hot key tool, program launcher tool, application launcher tool, desktop toolbar tool, text inserter tool, insert text tool, ...
[ Download Launch-n-Go - Get Launch-n-Go now - More info about Launch-n-Go ]

IntegryDESK 1.4 - Jul 4, 2004
More info about IntegryDESK Utilities_and_Hardware Launchers ? Click here...
IntegryDESK is very flexible, customizable and easy-to-use application launcher. This will provide you with up to four ways to launch programs or access to your documents and folders.
[ Download IntegryDESK - Get IntegryDESK now - More info about IntegryDESK ]

More info about HiBase Task Scheduler Utilities_and_Hardware Launchers ? Click here...

More info about Favorite Shortcuts Utilities_and_Hardware Launchers ? Click here...
A quick launch desktop menu that provides fast access to the hierarchical list of favorite programs, documents and folders. To bring it up, right-click on the Desktop, point to Favorite Shortcuts or Quick Launch and then click an item on the menu.
[ Download Favorite Shortcuts - Get Favorite Shortcuts now - More info about Favorite Shortcuts ]

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