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eDocfile Inc. Simple Zonal OCR Blank Page Remover Fax Balancer Fax Router Mark Separator OCR Router Simple Barcode Filer PDF Filer for Point File by OCR Doc Sorter Blank Page Splitter II Multi Print OCR File Splitter
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eDocfile Inc.

Country: United States of America - City: Valrico
Web Site: Web site

eDocfile Inc. products:
OCR Zonal Zonal OCR Capture OCR Rename Files OCR
Simple Zonal OCR 3.0 (Simple Zonal OCR download)

Simple Zonal OCR is a simple to use program that renames files with captured OCR text. Batch processing can be achieved with blank page detection. It validates OCR text with EasyPatterns and offers fuzzy logic character replacement.
See also:Zonal software, Zonal OCR software, Capture OCR software, Rename Files OCR software,

Blank Page Removal Blank Page Separation Skip Blank pages
Blank Page Remover 1.0 (Blank Page Remover download)

Blank Page Remover automatically skips printing blank pages when copying. This allows a user to copy a mixture of simplex and duplex pages without stopping and flipping the pages over.
See also:Blank Page Removal software, Blank Page Separation software, Skip Blank pages software,

Fax Fax Delivery Fax Distrbution Fax Conversion
Fax Balancer 1.0 (Fax Balancer download)

Fax Balancer is a program that is designed to equally distribute facsimiles to a processing department. Each time a fax arrives it is delivered to the next person on the distribution list. It is designed for balancing a work load in a department.
See also:Fax Delivery software, Fax Distrbution software, Fax Conversion software,

Fax Fax Delivery Fax Distrbution Fax Conversion
Fax Router 3.0 (Fax Router download)

Fax Router is a program that allows a user to productively distribute faxes throughout an organization. It cycles through faxes and allows a user to convert them to PDF files, e-mail the fax, print the fax, and file the fax based upon a set of rules.
See also:Fax Delivery software, Fax Distrbution software, Fax Conversion software,

Page Separator Page Separation Mark Separation File Separation
Mark Separator 1.0 (Mark Separator download)

Mark Separator is a utility that is designed to be used with a copier. It monitors a file folder(s) for multi-page Tiff images. When one is found with a mark in a specified location the file is split, with the output being a new tiff or PDF.
See also:Page Separator software, Page Separation software, Mark Separation software, File Separation software,

OCR Fax Automatic Fax Delivery Fax Distrbution Fax Conversion
OCR Router 1.0 (OCR Router download)

OCR Router is a program that uses OCR to read the text contents contained in a facsimile. The contents are then used to distribute the facsimile. The program will route the fax to a printer, file folder or an eMail address as a PDF or Tiff Image.
See also:OCR Fax software, Automatic Fax Delivery software, Fax Distrbution software, Fax Conversion software,

Bar code Filing Bar Code Document Bar code File by Bar code Number
Simple Barcode Filer 5.0 (Simple Barcode Filer download)

Simple Barcode Filer looks in up to two locations on a file for a barcode. When a barcode is found the file is split and renamed the contents from the two barcodes. It is ideal for filing structured documents such as accounting or student records.
See also:Bar code Filing software, Bar Code software, Document Bar code software, File by Bar code Number software,

Calyx Calyx Point Scan Archive Loan Files
PDF Filer for Point 2.0 (PDF Filer for Point download)

An easy to use program that relates Scanned Files and PDFs to Calyx Point Loan Files. This complete document filing system uses Calyx Point as the database for filing and retrieving Loan Files. No per file charge - one flat fee.
See also:Calyx software, Calyx Point software, Scan software, Archive software, Loan Files software,

OCR tif extract scanned text extract pdf text file by text contents
File by OCR 4.0 (File by OCR download)

File by OCR automatically names files and places them in a file folder structure based on the document's OCR text contents. It can extract text from a searchable PDF and name and file it as well, or it can extract the OCR text and build a csv file.
See also:extract scanned text software, extract pdf text software, file by text contents software,

Document Sorting PDF Sorting Tiff Sorting Fax Sorting Facsimile Sorting
Doc Sorter 1.0 (Doc Sorter download)

Automatically Sort and Name your scanned files or facsimiles. Doc Sorter is a program designed to sort documents into folders based upon the text content of the file. It works with Tiff Images or Searchable PDFs.
See also:Document Sorting software, PDF Sorting software, Tiff Sorting software, Fax Sorting software, Facsimile Sorting software,

Blank Page Separator Blank Page Separation copier utility
Blank Page Splitter II 2.0 (Blank Page Splitter II download)

Blank Page Splitter II is a utility that is designed to be used with a copier. It monitors a file folder hierarchy for Tiff images and when one is found with a blank page the file is automatically separated. Output can be either a Tiff or PDF.
See also:Blank Page Separator software, Blank Page Separation software, copier utility software,

Distributed Printing Print and Archive Print and Save Copy and Save as PDF
Multi Print 2.0 (Multi Print download)

Multi Print watches a file folder for the arrival of a tiff imge or PDF, from a copier or virtual printer. When a Tiff image is found it is sent to specified printers and printed and then optionally saved as a PDF or in its original format.
See also:Distributed Printing software, Print and Archive software, Print and Save software, Copy and Save as PDF software,

Split Fax Split Tiff Separate fax OCR separation Split Tiff Image split facsimile Split PDF PDF File Splitting
OCR File Splitter 2.0 (OCR File Splitter download)

OCR File Splitter is a program that is designed to split files based upon text contents. It can be used on Tiff Images (requires Microsoft Office Document Imaging) or searchable PDF files.
See also:Split Fax software, Split Tiff software, Separate fax software, OCR separation software, Split Tiff Image software, split facsimile software,


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