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More info about Parallels Workstation for Linux Desktop_Themes Miscellaneous ? Click here...
Parallels Workstation enables users to run multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OS/2, eComStation, Sun Solaris and MS-DOS, simultaneously on one physical machine without partitioning or rebooting.
[ Download Parallels Workstation for Linux - Get Parallels Workstation for Linux now - More info about Parallels Workstation for Linux ]

More info about Neo Matrix 3D ScreenSaver Desktop_Themes Miscellaneous ? Click here...
Neo Matrix 3D screensaver brings your consciousness to the higher levels of reality where you can find yourself in the endless pseudo matrix 3D alien tunnels spinning and wirling around to change your perception of the earth environment.
See also: screen tool, saver tool, desktop tool, image tool, picture tool, amazing tool, screen tool, flash tool, round about tool, ...
[ Download Neo Matrix 3D ScreenSaver - Get Neo Matrix 3D ScreenSaver now - More info about Neo Matrix 3D ScreenSaver ]

Uranium Desktop 1.2 - May 20, 2010
More info about Uranium Desktop Desktop_Themes Miscellaneous ? Click here...
Uranium Desktop lets you automatically rotate your wallpapers in 2 easy steps: First you specify one or more folders where your wallpapers are located. Second, you set the time interval, ranging from every few minutes to every month.
[ Download Uranium Desktop - Get Uranium Desktop now - More info about Uranium Desktop ]

More info about TuneUp WinStyler Desktop_Themes Miscellaneous ? Click here...
TuneUp WinStyler lets you change the way Windows looks on your computer. You can change the look of the complete desktop easily. The start menu, taskbar, even the panels and windows of all modern applications get a new look with the click of a button
See also: skin tool, visual style tool, welcome screen tool, visual styles tool, icons tool, themes tool, ...
[ Download TuneUp WinStyler - Get TuneUp WinStyler now - More info about TuneUp WinStyler ]

Theme Manager 2004 - Oct 4, 2004
More info about Theme Manager Desktop_Themes Miscellaneous ? Click here...
Control the OVER ALL look of your Windows computer with Theme Manager. Manage all your skins, themes, wallpapers, icons, etc. from a single interface. You can even mix and match them together to create full blown suites!
[ Download Theme Manager - Get Theme Manager now - More info about Theme Manager ]

Just Watching 2.2 - Feb 13, 2010
More info about Just Watching Desktop_Themes Miscellaneous ? Click here...
Imagine that you could continuously monitor multiple online images without having to open your browser! Use Just Watching to build a custom wallpaper that can display web cams, stock charts, weather maps and home security cams right on your desktop!
See also: just watching tool, just tool, web cams tool, web images tool, cams tool, images tool, graphics tool, desktop tool, wallpaper tool, ...
[ Download Just Watching - Get Just Watching now - More info about Just Watching ]

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More info about Actual Transparent Window Desktop_Themes Miscellaneous ? Click here...
Actual Transparent Window offers new ways of working with multiple windows: it lets you easily set and vary transparency level of any window, either manually via title button or automatically depending on a window state (active/inactive/moved/etc.).
[ Download Actual Transparent Window - Get Actual Transparent Window now - More info about Actual Transparent Window ]

Active Tray 2.0 - Sep 28, 2004
More info about Active Tray Desktop_Themes Miscellaneous ? Click here...
Active Tray will supercharge your system tray, providing you with additional features and greater flexibility, making you much more productive. Imagine being able to add programs, documents, links and many other timesavers to your system tray!
[ Download Active Tray - Get Active Tray now - More info about Active Tray ]

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