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ImageCategorizer 1.0 - Nov 17, 2013
More info about ImageCategorizer Graphic_Painting_and_Drawing Miscellaneous_and_all-in-one ? Click here...
ImageCategorizer - the very special search-app for your images! A gui-application for all 32- and 64-bit-windows-systems. Searching directly or in batch mode. Searching for images with special formats or special colour distributions or or or ...
[ Download ImageCategorizer - Get ImageCategorizer now - More info about ImageCategorizer ]

Icons from file 2.1 - Mar 23, 2005
More info about Icons from file Graphic_Painting_and_Drawing Miscellaneous_and_all-in-one ? Click here...
Icon utility. Extracts icons or icon arrays from files (EXE, DLL, OCX, etc.) with ability to scan folders to search for EXE, DLL, OCX files, which contain icons. Extracted icons can be printed or saved to ICO, BMP, JPEG, EMF, HTM files.
[ Download Icons from file - Get Icons from file now - More info about Icons from file ]

IconUtils 1.14 - Apr 16, 2003
More info about IconUtils Graphic_Painting_and_Drawing Miscellaneous_and_all-in-one ? Click here...
IconUtils is a complete icon and cursor solution. Use it to express your artistic nature and create your own unique icons and cursors, manage icon and cursor libraries, give the unique look and feel to your desktop and various folders.
[ Download IconUtils - Get IconUtils now - More info about IconUtils ]

Icemark 1.3 - Mar 13, 2012
More info about Icemark Graphic_Painting_and_Drawing Miscellaneous_and_all-in-one ? Click here...
Using Icemark you can effortlessly identify your images from many others, just add your personal watermark to the image. The added watermark is invisible and its detection is possible only by having the key, which only you have.
[ Download Icemark - Get Icemark now - More info about Icemark ]

Helicon Focus 3.10 - Mar 29, 2005
More info about Helicon Focus Graphic_Painting_and_Drawing Miscellaneous_and_all-in-one ? Click here...
HeliconFocus is a program that creates one perfectly focused image from several partially focused images. The program is designed for optic microscope image processing and macrophotography to cope with the shallow depth-of-field problem.
[ Download Helicon Focus - Get Helicon Focus now - More info about Helicon Focus ]

HandySnap 1.0.36 - Apr 28, 2005
More info about HandySnap Graphic_Painting_and_Drawing Miscellaneous_and_all-in-one ? Click here...
HandySnap is a screen capture utility to help you illustrate your manuals, multimedia presentations and tech writing articles with professional-looking screenshots. Explain complex ideas in a way anyone can grasp in seconds
[ Download HandySnap - Get HandySnap now - More info about HandySnap ]

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A professional and easy to use software for creating your own Web site.

GlyphViewer 1.1.0 - Apr 26, 2014
More info about GlyphViewer Graphic_Painting_and_Drawing Miscellaneous_and_all-in-one ? Click here...
Ever felt frustrated because you did not understand text in an image? Provide native language translations of text in your images. Ever took a trip to Egypt? How about the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs in your photos? With GlyphViewer it's a jiffy.
[ Download GlyphViewer - Get GlyphViewer now - More info about GlyphViewer ]

Gliftic 3 - Oct 6, 2003
More info about Gliftic Graphic_Painting_and_Drawing Miscellaneous_and_all-in-one ? Click here...
Gliftic is a very easy to use graphical design program. Ideal for creating unique and fresh WEB decorations and backgrounds, the function keys let you experiment quickly and widely with images and colors.
[ Download Gliftic - Get Gliftic now - More info about Gliftic ]

Full Image Info 1.3 - Mar 17, 2007
More info about Full Image Info Graphic_Painting_and_Drawing Miscellaneous_and_all-in-one ? Click here...

More info about Free Fun Morphing Graphic_Painting_and_Drawing Miscellaneous_and_all-in-one ? Click here...
Free Fun Morphing creates a sequence of frames which are the transformation of the source image to target image, giving the appearance that the source image "becomes" the target.
[ Download Free Fun Morphing - Get Free Fun Morphing now - More info about Free Fun Morphing ]

Fotoarchiv Plus 6.0.4 - Dec 6, 2009
More info about Fotoarchiv Plus Graphic_Painting_and_Drawing Miscellaneous_and_all-in-one ? Click here...
Produce very easy and fast photo archives and more - Slideshow for PC, self-starting CD-ROM, DVD, VCD, SVCD, unlimited number of pictures, add Music directly from your Audio-CD or MP3's, complete foto editing integrated
[ Download Fotoarchiv Plus - Get Fotoarchiv Plus now - More info about Fotoarchiv Plus ]

FotoSaver 4.0 - Feb 17, 2010
More info about FotoSaver Graphic_Painting_and_Drawing Miscellaneous_and_all-in-one ? Click here...
Does almost everything that you would like to do with digital photos. Stores, sorts, catalogues, enlarges, transmits, exports, imports digital photos and their associated text. Generates websites with photos and text and navigation.
See also: photoalbum tool, encryption tool, email tool, digital camera tool, print huge photo tool, text tool, website generation tool, sort photos tool, keywords tool, ...
[ Download FotoSaver - Get FotoSaver now - More info about FotoSaver ]

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